RX-2AH DC Receiver (English)

RX-2AH About

Dear Friends,

I want to talk about the RX-2AH project briefly, which is dedicated to the memory of another ham radio operator TA2AH (SK) Ruchan OZATAY, whom we lost in 2019. With this project, we aim to increase the interest towards electronics and radio technology among young people and encourage them to start this vocation with a minimum investment.

Using only the three basic and two supporting modules of radio technology, this circuit does not involve any complex materials. Keeping in mind, that the interested young people would have little experience in soldering, the printed circuit board is designed accordingly on a larger area.

The only adjustment requiring critical block on this circuit is VFO, but as long as the instruction manual is followed the VFO would work right in the 7 MHz ham radio band. Any basic radio transmitter, a signal generator, any other communications receiver, frequency meter or a SDR dungle can be used for finer tuning.

The 45 pages long manual is detailed enough for any less experienced person to achieve circuit making, easily.

The circuit is made up of (3) BJTs, (1) FET, (6) diodes and (1) IC regulator and requires a (1) or (2) Watt Audio Amplifier and a speaker for the audio output. The circuit can be operated between 1 and 10 MHz, just by changing the toroid turns at VFO circuit area.

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